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FIC: Power Play, Lucius/Draco, NC-17 - Harry Potter Literotica
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FIC: Power Play, Lucius/Draco, NC-17
One of my earlier Lucius/Draco fics, and still one I remember fondly.

Love & Serpents' Kisses,

Title: Power Play
Author: Anath de Malfoy
Pairing: Lucius/Draco
Summary: Naughty little Draco gets a spanking – and much more…
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: M/M slash, incest, chanslash, mild SM, h/c, and drug use
Possible Spoilers: Books 1-4
Disclaimer: The characters belong to J.K. Rowling – she makes the money off them, not me. I just allow them to have much more fun than she does!


The little boy trembled as his father’s roar of rage seemed to resonate from the very walls of Malfoy Manor. He stood there, still naked from his morning bath, seeming so frail and vulnerable beside the tall, lean but muscular form of the elder Malfoy – also naked, because that was how Draco’s father Lucius always slept. Lucius snatched the object that had provoked his furious outburst - the wand that was as much an insignia of Lucius’ power as the snake-headed cane he always carried when venturing out - from Draco’s small hand, and swept up his sobbing child beneath one arm. He carried the kicking, struggling boy across the hallway into the master bedroom.

Depositing the wand on his dresser, Lucius sat on the lush, satin and velvet draped four-poster bed, and laid the small, squalling miscreant over his knees, facing downward. It was fortunate that Lucius’ wife and Draco’s mother, Narcissa Malfoy, was out of town visiting friends, and that the house-elves, magical mirrors and portraits of the Manor were suitably bewitched or intimidated into being discreet, Lucius thought to himself as he gazed at his pretty little son draped so helplessly over his lap, pinioned by one of Lucius’ strong hands. For it would never do to have anyone but Draco know that Lucius’ cock was already becoming erect from anticipation of what was to come.

Raising his free hand high, Lucius brought it down sharply, thunderously, on the perfect silky mounds of Draco’s little rear, leaving a stinging red mark as the boy screamed in pain. Gritting his teeth, as much to restrain his rising excitement as to convey his mostly feigned anger, Lucius began to speak, punctuating each word with one burning slap after another on Draco’s pert little bottom.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Draco Malfoy? YOU DO NOT TOUCH DADDY’S WAND! EVER!!!”

Little Draco’s skin was flushed and hot, and not only from the blows. He was beginning to wriggle upon Lucius’ lap, rubbing his youthful hardness against the large arousal of his father. Despite the hurt and humiliation, or perhaps because of it, Draco was becoming more and more filled with desire. His father’s power and magnificence inflamed Draco with more passion than anything else ever could. Young as Draco was, he knew what love was and what he wanted – and he only loved and wanted his Daddy. He always had, ever since he could remember. That was why Draco still called Lucius “Daddy” instead of “Father” when they were at home, alone together. Why Draco had started coming to Lucius’ bedroom every night, since that time several years ago when Narcissa had decided she wanted her own room and her own life. And why, shortly before Draco began his education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Lucius had initiated Draco into all those wondrous, thrilling acts without their clothes that Lucius referred to as “making love”.

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” Draco whimpered, craving more of Lucius’ touch, rough or tender, on his overheated skin. “I won’t play with your wand anymore – I promise! Daddy – ooh!”

Draco gave a small rapturous cry as Lucius abruptly stopped spanking him, gathering the boy up into the loving strength of fatherly arms and kissing the younger Malfoy’s blushing, tear-stained face, his soft ruffled strands of white-blond hair, and his warm, cherry-sweet lips, which opened willingly so their tongues could flutter and dance ecstatically against each other.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, their mouths and heartbeats in union, Lucius pulled away, gazing sorrowfully and tenderly into his son’s eyes. Draco watched him raptly, one tiny hand caressing his father’s glorious hair, so very like Draco’s own hair but much longer. Draco snuggled close against the broad chest of Lucius, the dainty fingers of his other hand brushing, teasing, over its sculpted, almost entirely hairless expanse, sending bolts of luscious sensation through the older wizard as they lingered on his sensitive nipples.

“You know I love you very much, my little dragon,” Lucius whispered as he held his son. “I don’t like having to punish you, but there are important lessons that you need to learn. Playing with Daddy’s wand is very, very dangerous – it’s been used for some extremely powerful Dark magic. What if you accidentally cast a spell with it, precious? That could get us both into serious trouble with the Ministry of Magic. We have to keep the Ministry of Magic happy, darling, until our Dark Lord returns. Those Aurors have some frightening weapons they could use against us - Veritaserum, for instance, which could force us to tell them what goes on here at Malfoy Manor. All our secrets, about the forbidden spells and artefacts… and what you and I do together in bed. They could send Daddy away to Azkaban forever – you wouldn’t want Daddy to be sent to the Dementors, would you, Draco?”

“Oh no, Daddy! No!” Draco cried in horror, and began to weep afresh, burying his tearful little face against Lucius’ sternum. Lucius hugged Draco even closer, crooning words of comfort, rocking him steadily. With his words muffled by his father’s warm skin, Draco sobbed, “I only did it because I want to be a strong, powerful, beautiful Dark wizard like you, Daddy…” Lucius gently bent and lifted Draco’s chin, to stare into the distraught eyes of his young son.

“You will be someday, Draco – but you don’t need my wand for that. You have your own wand now – you’ve had it ever since you started school last year. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, precious - there’s so much fun to be had when you’re still a child.” Lucius’ eyes darkened as he contemplated the immense responsibilities that went with the awesome power of a Dark wizard. He barely held back a slight tremor of fearful rapture at the memory of Death Eater orgies, of being bound, lashed and publicly taken by his Lord and Master; the agony and the unparalleled pleasure of being Lord Voldemort’s most favoured plaything. Such was Lucius’ birthright, due to
his unearthly beauty and purity of blood – a similar fate would most likely befall Draco when Voldemort returned. For who could resist such a desirable boy? Lucius stroked his child’s hair, whispering, “As for being beautiful - why, Draco, you are very beautiful, just as you are right now.”

Lucius’ fingers moved caressingly down to Draco’s slender torso, and the older Malfoy bent to kiss his son’s lips, his throat, and the smooth, creamy skin of his chest. Draco sighed blissfully as Lucius began to lap, nip and suck at the boy’s delicate, pale pink nipples.

“Am I really beautiful, Daddy?” Draco asked breathlessly as Lucius lifted his head at last and smiled at his son.
“You are exquisite, my dragon,” replied Lucius. “Why don’t you stand over there by the mirror, and show Daddy just how lovely you are?”

Draco obeyed immediately, jumping down from the huge bed and standing on an elaborate Persian rug before the ebony-framed looking glass. He was indeed the most alluring of boys, more pleasing to the eye even than the statues of winged cupids that stood on either side of Lucius’ dresser. His small, slim body was milk-white, darkening into the faintest pinkness at his perfect mouth, around his nipples, his stiff young cock and the roundness of his sweet little balls. There were a few fine, almost invisible hairs beginning to appear at his crotch, but none yet on his chest or at his armpits… all this was sinfully, lasciviously enhanced by the delicious rosy redness of Draco’s little spanked bottom. Lucius’ chastisement of his child had been carefully calculated to cause discomfort without damage, to redden Draco’s soft flesh without bruising. Draco tried to twist his body around, craning his neck, attempting to get a look at his sore rear end. “Ooh, Daddy! You really marked me!” he exclaimed, a note of playfully wicked pride in his voice.

“I certainly did, my darling, because you were a very naughty boy,” Lucius purred. “But you’ve had your punishment, and Daddy forgives you now. Come here, and I’ll put some lotion on your precious little bottom…”

Draco clambered back into his father’s bed, and Lucius reached over to the nightstand for some soothing lotion and for something else – a crystal bottle filled with crimson liquid that had been a birthday gift from Lucius’ friend and occasional lover, Severus Snape, the Potions Master at Draco’s school and Head of Draco’s school house, Slytherin. This potion smelled like roses and cinnamon, tasted like a mixture of claret and honey, and was an extremely potent aphrodisiac, a special favourite of Lucius’ when bedding his adult lovers, but something that he had never used before with Draco. Lucius had always considered his child too young for such exotic enhancements, but this time he wanted to drive the boy completely wild with delight, to make their mutual surrender absolute. In his wrath, Lucius Malfoy was terrifying and the punishments he dealt severe, but in his forgiveness, he was always magnanimous.

Combining a little of the fragrant red concoction with the medicative cream, Lucius began to massage Draco’s firm, lusciously curved buttocks, making the young one moan and whimper with the sudden tingling surges of fiery pleasure that assailed him. Lucius smiled slyly, carnally, and anointed his own straining hardness with the potion, his breath hitching as he began to feel its heady effect.

“Daddy wants you, baby,” Lucius cooed, his voice thick with lustful need. “Do you want to make love with Daddy, Draco?” The younger Malfoy gasped, nodding, and Lucius guided the boy’s head downwards, whispering, “Then come and suck Daddy’s cock, my precious little lover…”

Draco’s eyes lit up, and he compliantly nestled himself between the spread thighs of his father. The boy’s soft wet tongue-tip flickered and teased all over the older wizard’s swollen member, while tender childish fingers lovingly fondled the pliant skin of Lucius’ balls, until Lucius was almost mad with want and Draco gave in to his own longing, to completely taste his father and more of the intoxicating philtre. His pink petal lips fully parted, Draco took as much of Lucius’ length as he could swallow into his sweet mouth, again and again surrounding Lucius with mind-blowing heat and wetness. Lucius was panting, tensing his body, his ecstasy like fire in his blood, especially as one delicate boyish finger had dabbled in the droplets of potion and strayed slowly down, entering the older wizard, reaching for the sweet spot deep within. Reluctantly, Lucius prised Draco’s hands and mouth away – much as he enjoyed the boy’s attentions, he didn’t want to come like this. He wanted to fully take his beloved son, to pound hard into his child with all the frenzy of a beast.

With a wordless, guttural snarl, Lucius moved Draco onto all fours, parting the cheeks of the young one’s pretty little ass and smearing the delectably puckered opening between them with the aphrodisiac. Draco cried out as the sticky substance slicked his smooth, hot cleft, and his father’s tongue began to lick and probe deliciously at the boy’s tight orifice. Draco writhed, and sobbed his desire aloud, begging Lucius for more and deeper – which Lucius readily gave him, in a different way…

Pulling his face from the musky vale he had been lapping at, Lucius lifted Draco’s hips; with one long, slow, deliberate thrust, the older wizard buried his dripping, aching cock in the young one’s willing entrance.

Gradually increasing the speed of his strokes till he was fucking Draco hard, sensually brushing the boy’s prostate, Lucius relished the blissful pressure of Draco’s inner walls, the friction of his heated young flesh, his cries of “Please, Daddy, more!” Lucius’ senses reeled under the potion’s influence, and the entrancing, delirious fever of lust and love that engulfed both father and son. Draco gracefully raised his lithe young body, submitting to his father absolutely, offering himself in utter abandon, entreating Lucius to take him roughly, and vigorously moving to meet his father’s thrusts. Under the spell of so much dizzying sweetness it was almost unbearable, Lucius could not hold off his building climax. Taking hold of his son’s youthful erection, Lucius began to pump the throbbing young cock, and soon both Malfoys succumbed to the ultimate pleasure, coming explosively together, their enraptured cries of love only subsiding when Lucius tenderly withdrew from Draco’s ass and embraced the boy, lightly kissing him as Draco lay quietly in his father’s arms.

“Love you, Daddy,” Draco whispered, smiling as Lucius answered, “And I love you, my beautiful little dragon…”

Cradled safe and close to Lucius, Draco drowsily wondered if he should be bad again later on. Being naughty could be just as much fun as being good, as both meant his father would become aroused and pay attention to him – the kind of attention that always led to being naked in the arms of Lucius…


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satinvalkyrie From: satinvalkyrie Date: August 4th, 2004 10:24 am (UTC) (Link)
I never quite know what to feel about your stories, but they're always beautiful. I find myself horribly apalled by exactly what Lucius is doing, but remembering my own early sexuality and thinking that if I were Draco, I'd certainly love my "Daddy." There is nothing easy about your stories. They make me look at something dark inside of myself that can acknowledge the tender loveliness of something so utterly taboo. I very much like the little out that you give with reminding us of how very twisted Lucius is, with the passage about the relationship between he and Voldemort. Lucius here is not a predator, he's a very strange man whose predilections of all sorts are beyond societal acceptance. He seems to be a creature of such all-encompassing sexuality that it might be impossible for him to feel affection at all that isn't somehow tangled in his libido.

I also get the feeling that Draco knows what he's doing in some measure. He's not truly the ingenue at this point. He's already inflicted a certain degree of snarky annoyance on Potter, he's already had a year of school. He simply prefers to play the child rather than the young man. It's still disturbing, but it's deeply psychological rather than just porn.
anathdemalfoy From: anathdemalfoy Date: August 5th, 2004 01:27 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for the review; I'm glad you found something beautiful in what is a very controversial theme. Malfoycest, particularly chan, is one of my favourite topics to write about in HP - although I don't approve of pedophilia or incest in real life, I feel that my treatment of it basically is about Malfoy flouting of taboo, that they see themselves as a law unto themselves.

And yes, you hit the nail right on the head when you said that Draco seems to know what he's doing. He's learning manipulation from a master manipulator, and he knows that the best way to get what he wants from Lucius is to play the pretty, submissive child. Very Slytherin indeed of him. ;)

Love & Serpents' Kisses,
From: strawberry_chik Date: August 6th, 2004 05:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
That was excellent. Shocking, obviously, but excellently written. For me, it's easier to understand Draco's motivations, which you explained so well_his magnificent, beautiful, powerful father_ but Lucius's are still a "don't get it".
I wonder if the other DE abuse their children too? Will check ou fics about that and try to figure it out.
anathdemalfoy From: anathdemalfoy Date: August 7th, 2004 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks - glad you liked the fic. For me, I think Lucius' motivations are about trying to mould Draco in his own image, and it's also about the notion that Malfoys see themselves as being above the rules of common humanity. The other DEs and incest? Now that's an intriguing thought. I must admit, I do wonder about Nott and his kid sometimes...

Love & Serpents' Kisses,
From: strawberry_chik Date: August 7th, 2004 08:13 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm a newbie here, but have read your fics before. May I friend you?
anathdemalfoy From: anathdemalfoy Date: August 7th, 2004 10:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sure, go ahead! I'll add you back. :)

Love & Serpents' Kisses,
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